Chicken Outfit Clippings <- click the words.
"In reading Deagnon and Stasyna’s funky opus, I discovered an elaborate and open world of possibilities where the standard rules do not apply. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a chicken outfit in your day to day activities. It is cool to run with a mutant looking friend who has bad green skin. And it is acceptable to read this comic and enjoy it thoroughly."
James Anders II,

"One thing that has always set Joe’s work outside of the pack is not only his insane art, but his ability to tell a story that’s funny as hell. After giving the book a thorough once over, I can honestly say that Joe’s hit a trifecta here in terms of art, writing, and humor. Paranoid Tales will grab you by the ears while it bores a hole straight into the core of your skull and rides you like a Kentucky Derby winner."
Tim Merrill, Weng's Chop
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