Joe Deagnon has worked in the entertainment industry since 1989. A classically trained animator from Sheridan College, he started out painting for animation houses in Toronto, Canada. He has worked in every facet of the industry (from pre-production to post-production) eventually honing his storytelling skills as an editor and animator.
Expanding his creative skills, he has authored two comic series. His work has been described as a combination of Harvey Pekar meets Ralph Steadman and his first series Paranoid Tales of Neurosis has been dubbed “A Mad Magazine for the 90’s” by drive-in movie critic, Joe Bob Briggs.

 The current series, entitled "Chicken Outfit", has been called “Fantastic! An excellent book that should be in everyone’s collection. Essential".
He has contributed to Exclaim, Weng’s Chop, Strange Kids Club and Film Threat magazines. He is currently freelancing for various companies and works on a number varied and eclectic web and print publishing ventures.
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"Misery Loves Company"
4 Page Sci-Fi Commission
Writer: Andrew Clark
Artist: Joe Deagnon
Publisher: Chicken Outfit Media
Authors: Joe Deagnon, Kirby Stasyna
Contributor to Volume 1 . Issue 5, 2015
Author, "It's Only a Remake" Column

Weng's Chop
Contributor to Volume 1 . Issue 10, 2017
"The Untitled Damon Packard Interview" and Illustration, "H.G. Lewis Tribute", Contents Section
Contributor to Volume 1 . Issue 6.5, 2014
Illustration, "Halloween Issue", Cover Artwork
Contributor to Volume 1 . Issue 6, 2014
Illustration, "Italian Horror Films", Contents Section
Contributor to Volume 1 . Issue 4.5, 2013
Illustration, "Getting The Fear - Sowing The Seeds of Darkness" by Tim Merrill

Exclaim Magazine
Regular contributor to Toronto's music monthly:

"The King and I: Part 1" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, February 1995.
"The King and I: Part 2" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, March 1995.
"The King and I: Part 3" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, April 1995.
"The King and I: Part 4" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, May 1995.
"The King and I: Part 5" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, June 1995.
"Untitled Strip" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, July 1995.
"Dead Rock Stars' Fans" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, September 1995.
"Comic Ad Parody" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, October 1995.
"Hellish" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, November 1995.
"X-Girlfriend Files" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, December 1995.
"New Years Calendar" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, January 1996.
"Heaven" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, February 1996.
"Mr.Deagnon's Neighbourhood" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, March 1996.
"Chicken Bologna" Toronto, ON: Exclaim, April 1996

"Movie Goers I Have Known", Los Angeles, CA: Film Threat Video Guide #6, 1992.
"Mechanized Death" , Los Angeles, CA: Film Threat Video Guide #8, 1993.
"Joe and Tim Turn To Murder" , Los Angeles, CA: Film Threat Video Guide #9, 1993.

Paranoid Tales of Neurosis
Author: Joe Deagnon
Preserved as part of the Duke University Guide to the Comic Book and Graphic Novel Collection, 1938-2012.
Issues 1-2, Box 6.


Exile: The Literary Quarterly
"Where The Weird Things Are"

Volume 40, #3
October 2016
"Mind Meld with Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna"
April 2015

Lunchmeat's Spare Parts
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